Freightliner low air warning buzzer location

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You must know the proper method for testing the low-air warning, and that a vehicle has this major defect when the low-air warning fails to activate or activates before air pressure drops below 55 psi. This site is maintained by the Government of Ontario. Skip to content. Text size. Daily inspection test. Low-air warning system fails or system is activated You must know the proper method for testing the low-air warning, and that a vehicle has this major defect when the low-air warning fails to activate or activates before air pressure drops below 55 psi.

Procedure: Ensure air pressure is above kPa 90 psi. If air pressure is too low, warning may activate as soon as ignition key is turned on. Ensure ignition key is turned on. Engine may be running or shut off. If ignition key is not turned on, the warning will not activate. Press and release the brake pedal to lower pressure several times until warning activates.

Watch the pressure gauges and note the pressure when the low-air warning device activates. Low-air warning device may only be a light, or a light and an audible device.All Rights Reserved.

freightliner low air warning buzzer location

The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Where is the low air warning buzzer on a Freightliner? We need you to answer this question! If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation right now!

If you still get the warning lights for low air, you're good. FMCSA only requires that some warning system be operational. Could be a short in the alarm system, could be that the valve which activates the alarm is stuck, could be because of moisture somewhere in the system Asked in Meteorology and Weather High air pressure in a freightliner?

Air pressure governor needs to be replaced. The air dryer blows out moisture it has collected. Asked in Tractors and Farm Equipment Where is the low air buzzer on a tractor trailer? Behind the dash board. If the air bag warning light is on in your gauge cluster, that is indicating a fault with your SRS system airbag system Get it checked out. There is a problem with the air bag system. Until it is fixed the light will remain on. Take it to a garage for repair.

Who made the chassis doesn't really matter - what does matter is what motor you have in it. Asked in Commercial Vehicles How do you replace the air alarm buzzer on peterbilt? You won't find one without the make and model of the engine.

Or, you contact a Freightliner dealership with the last 8 digits of your VIN, and they can tell you the part number. The low air warning light is in indication the air compressor is not working or can't keep up with replenishing the air system.

The red battery warning light is an indication the battery is not charging properly.

freightliner low air warning buzzer location

Asked in Car Heaters When idling a freightliner the temp drops and the heater blows cold air what is wrong? You probably have a bad thermostat. There is no key operated switch to disarm the air bag on the passenger side like there is in the F pickup truck. If the wiring is disconnected, the air bag warning light comes on steady, or flashes in the gauge cluster and a series of warning beeps are heard until the air bag system is repaired.

On a Ford Explorer : The air bag readiness warning light is located in the bottom area of the tachometer.

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It looks like a person that is seated and has a oval shaped circle in front of them. Asked in Meteorology and Weather What is an air stagnation warning? When large air mass stays over an area.

freightliner low air warning buzzer location

Asked in Alarm Systems What is the warning tone for an air attack? A siren is sounded to warn of an air attack. Asked in Windshields and Wipers How do you fix windshield wiper air line leak on a freightliner truck? Find the leak and repair it with a compression or push-in fitting.

Asked in Toyota Tacoma Where is the air flow meter in a Toyota tacoma?By jodanJune 12, in Type A motorhomes. I have a Freightliner chassis Tiffin Pheaton, 40 ft. My Parking Brake Light comes on intermittently while driving down the road.

Low air/parking brake buzzer inop but warning lights work

The air pressure is good brakes do not engage. I have had this problem for about a year. The problem is more constant now, then intermittent and I need to fix it. The problem continues. I heard there is another type of switch located somewhere else. Can someone tell me where it might be. I have called Gaffney and they told me it was probably something Tiffion hooked to it. I called Tiffin and they said they have nothing connected to that system. Please help.

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In addition to the brake warning light and buzzer, my driving lights turn off and on in unison with the brake warning light and buzzer. A new development is that my electric slide outs 2 seem to be acting up in that I sometimes have to move the ignition switch on and off a couple times to get them to work.

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I have seen several forums related to this problem but have never heard from anyone who had actually corrected it.

The only item that comes to mind at this time is a common ground point, that is ether corroded or possibility loose. Does the low air alarm come off and on when just setting or when it is moving? Or is there any other conditions that tend to affect the alarm? The alarm sounds while driving. Any idea where that common ground would be?

Carefully reach up under the dash and check to see that all connections are firmly engaged in their sockets. Could happen. Thanks for your reply! Like Wayne mentioned one needs to look around and check connections.

You might be able to get some wiring PDF files for your chassis from Freightliner. You will need the VIN number. Also check with Fleetwood, you will need the FIN number for the coach. Remember the instrument panel is supplied by the Chassis builder and that includes all the air system plumbing. Things can get very confusing if your not into repairing things. We are currently sitting at a RV Park in Albuquerque.

The buzzer and light started immediately. I told him that I had changed the Low Pressure Switch with no change to the problem and that I thought it was an electrical problem, maybe a short or relay or something.

He said they may be able to get it into the shop on the following Tuesday 14 June depending on how long it takes to fix the vehicles ahead of me. I honestly do not have much faith in their ability to find the problem and I can't imagine the cost. I specifically chose a Freightliner Dealership because I wanted; it done right. I am just not comfortable with the way things are going. Anyway, since I am stuck here for a week, I decided I might try finding the problem myself.

You will need the coach VIN number, and give them all the information you can and where you went for service. Try to get everyone on the same page and hopefully that will help speed up a resolution.By FerrariApril 5, in Chassis. I have an Allegro Bus, year38 foot diesel pusher. My air pressure gauge will drop down to zero and then fluctuate between zero and psi.

While the gauge is going through this gyration, the air brake warning buzzer is on. Then, after a minute or so, the gauge will settle at the appropriate air pressure of psi or even with the second gauge which works perfect. I don't loose any of my air brakes, but it's a nuisances having this gauge perform in this manner it doesn't do it all the time, just occasionally.

Does anyone know the cause of this problem? Check with your chassis maker, particularly true if a Freightliner chassis a fairly common issue. This sounds like the same issue, Like Brett said if you have a Freightliner Chassis, this is a very common problem caused by a cold solder connection in the module sending information to your air pressure Gauges.

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I am going through this now and have to get it back to the place to work on it. Does anyone know how to fix the "cold solder" issue on the air brake gauge fluctuation issue? I have a Fleetwood Discovery. Dryclnman, I will send you a personal message. It will be in the envelope in the upper right corner of the forums page so you can reply. Thank everyone for your suggestions.

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I had it checked out and it turned out to be a faulty "Control Module" which controls all those gauages and lights on the dashboard. I have a Fleetwood Discovery on a Freightliner chassis and when I tried to lift the unit to move, only the rear bags inflated. The front pressure gauge never moved off of zero.

This is the first time I have had this problem. Could this be a control valve or a compressor problem? I did not hear any air leak from under the coach while trying to lift the unit. Any ideas??

The fact that both front air bags do not inflate narrows down the problem. The rear would not inflate if the air pump had issues. I'm a little confused in regards to you mentioning front Air Gauge.Sure, ad-blocking software does a great job at blocking ads, but it also blocks useful features of our website like our supporting vendors.

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low air warning problem

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter 2mtrucks Start date Nov 4, Steel Soldiers is supported by: 1 2 Next. I always look at the gauges anyway but as annoying as this buzzer is I need to get it working. I have combed through this forum for a couple hours but haven't seen an identical situation.

Suprman Well-known member Supporting Vendor. Replace the module. I saw one of the newer type modules where there is a hole in the front and you can see the piezo buzzer someone had intentionally "deactivated" it with a screwdriver or something. The buzzer module is bad I sit and let my truck idle for 5 to 10 minutes before I take off In Memorial. Rifleman New member. When you find out what is wrong with your's let me know because mine has the same problem.

I bought a replacement FSWM from another member here and that didn't fix the problem so mine still has the same problem. Now i can see one FSWM being bad but two in a row i just don't think that's my problem now. Last edited: Nov 5, Check the ground on it. Bad grounds are notorious problems with military stuff. Artisan did a extensive thread on it. On box 3 and I can't figure it out.

My research tells me the early models with the temp light were also wired through it.By rlbarkleyiiMay 19, in Electrical. Sitting stationary engine off in parking lot when storm blew up for maybe thirty minutes.

Turned engine off to see if that would reset gauges, tried to restart engine would not crank. The start issue had not occured at that point and was not discussed. If light bar is defective, could it prevent engine from starting? There is a large to amp auto reset fuse real close to the starter - it supplies power to all the 12 volt circuits for the dash and starter circuit. This could be an issue where the plastic enclosure of the circuit breaker has cracked and exposed the internal circuit to water.

Have seen this problem first hand. Why did it startup at all! Did the cooling fan move a quantity of water into a damaged fuse? After you got the engine runningdid the dash lights work along with the light Bar? A bad ground or a loose connection can cause all sorts of problems like this. Is the light strip in a location you can access to check to see if something has come loose?

Rlbarkley, welcome back! Your concern definitely sounds like water intrusion. Greetings; Nice to know you have been missed. Been sidelined for the last year. I am now a caregiver for the DW, unable to get too far from home.

Response: The engine was running when the low air went off. Parked and shut down engine. It started to rain and i sat there for a hour or so, storm came up and lasted about 30 minutes. Started engine to leave and started normally, when air built up to psi i released park brakes. Within seconds the guage went back and forth between 60 and more than one. I shut off engine thinking i would reset the guage and the it would not start.

Tried several times, finally it started again. Drove home without incident, however guage did bottom again several times. Mine does not have a plastic cover and is exposed to road debris and moisture in the air stream. I will be checking the wiring and clean it up again.Menu Freight Relocators. Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Groups Public Events. Log in Register.

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Go Dark. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Low air pressure warning sensor malfunctioning. Thread starter T. Start date Mar 22, New Member. I have a International single axle dump truck dt

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